Concert Lineup for May 20, 2018

Great lineup of Wild Mountain Mystics, Tim Tedrow, and Paul Inman’s Delivery

Scheduled Acts

  • 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm: Wild Mountain Mystics

    Wild Mountain Mystics plays music ranging from tender-hearted love songs to foot-stompin' folk blues, mainly on acoustic guitar and mandolin. Their voices, gritty and smooth, blend in a way that can be reminiscent of traditional mountain music, while their lyrics often aspire toward poetry.

    Visit Wild Mountain Mystics's website

  • 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm: Tim Tedrow

    Tim tedrow has been a singer-songwriter for over 35 years. He originally was a poet, and that naturally evolved into songwriting.

    Tim was partnered for several years with master guitar player, John Michael Kaye, and together they did Tim’s first CD on Trough records, “Tim Tedrow and John Michael Kaye.” Tim and John were joined by an amazing singer-songwriter, Terry Vreeland, to form “TKV”. John went on to other ventures, so Tim and Terry formed a duo, which as to last 16 years until Terry’s unfortunate passing in July 2014. Together Tim Tedrow and Terry Vreeland made two successful CDs, “Tim Tedrow and Terry Vreeland … and Friends.” Both CDs have been heard around the world.

    Tim has been fortunate enough to have many talented musicians join his musical efforts, since the passing of his partner, including Wild Mountain Mystics, John O’Kennedy, Barrett Tagliarino, Terry’s daughter Joey Vreeland and very often, John Michael Kaye! Tim is planning a memorial CD dedicated to Terry’s memory, and often plays his songs at concerts. Tim says, “If I don’t keep his memory and music alive, who will?”

    Tim plays multiple instruments, including 6 string Taylor, 12 string Takamine, mandolin, bouzouki and his father’s 1950’s Martin ukulele.


    Visit Tim Tedrow's website

  • Paul Inman3:30 pm - 5:00 pm: Paul Inman's Delivery

    Paul Inman's Delivery is comprised of singer-songwriter-guitarist/pianist Paul Inman and current drummer Johnny Ray (occassionally Ron Pak) along with bassist Steve Seifert (occassionally Rick Smith), and keyboardist John Bird. Born and raised near Detroit Michigan, Inman digested much from that locale's sonic landscape before emigrating to Los Angeles where he absorbed the Americana/folk stylings of California's most compelling artists (The Band, Tom Waits, The Hearbreakers, The Buffalo Springfeild, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Blood on The Tracks/Desire era Dylan, Van Morrison's Hard Nose the Highway), blending them into a compelling Gothic-tinged folk/pop/rock delivery. Touring both as a trio and as a solo acoustic guitar and piano act, Paul Inman's Delivery have released 4 full-length CD's of deftly performed Gothic-tinged Americana infused with folk and pop.

    Visit Paul Inman's Delivery's website

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