Concert Lineup for May 8, 2016

Scheduled Acts

  • Terry Okey12:00 pm - 1:00 pm: Terry Okey

    Terry Okey is an artist in the Blues-Country-Rock genre whose songs will groove, move and soothe you down the road. It is uncommon to find an artist who can draw from so many Traditional styles, and yet effortlessly combine them into wonderfully New Soulful songs. It is this talent that makes Terry an emerging force with his music. He draws from a range of emotions in crafting his songs, and they sound fresh, yet also seem instantly familiar. "I have always loved music and I really connect with the feel of Blues, Country, Rock, Bluegrass and R&B". It took him many years of studying these styles to become fluent in their writing.

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  • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm: Ben Vaughn

    Ben Vaughn is a man of many moods -- and many hats.

    As a recording artist, he's released ten albums to date (including Rambler '65, recorded entirely in his car).

    In the world of TV and film, Vaughn created the musical identity for sitcoms That '70s Show and 3rd Rock from the Sun, and produced soundtrack music for Swingers.

    Behind the studio glass, he helmed records by artists as diverse as Ween, Arthur Alexander and Los Straitjackets.

    But Ben's first love was radio. And through the years, he has kept a close relationship with the medium, producing segments for The World Cafe , guest hosting on KCRW and frequently appearing as a guest commentator on Fresh Air.

    Now Ben produces and hosts The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn, a weekly, hour-long eclectic mix of music featuring rock, blues, jazz, folk, soul, R & B, country, bossa nova, movie soundtracks, easy listening and more, all peppered with his twisted musicological slant.

    “With Ben’s musical history, it should come as no surprise that his radio show would span the gamut,” says Bruce Warren, program director for WXPN in Philadelphia. “Each week our listeners are able to hear an hourly mix of artists like The Stooges, Henry Mancini, Merle Haggard and Nina Simone. I mean, come on, where else are you going to hear anything like that? This is truly remarkable radio.”

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  • 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm: Brian Whelan

    Started singing onstage at 8 years old and pretty much snowballed out of control from there. Moved to Los Angeles in the year 2000 to study music at USC.

    Fronted one small band the Smooth Pursuit in 02-03, ultimately embarking on a long sideman's journey, traveling all over the world accompanying Eugene Edwards, Scot Bruce, The Broken West, Apex Manor, Randy Weeks, Mike Stinson, Tony Gilkyson, KISS, Chuck Berry, Jim Lauderdale and most recently Dwight Yoakam.

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  • 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Brenda Carsey

    Brenda Carsey is a Los Angeles, CA singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, & producer. A wonderful uninhibited strangeness.

    Brenda Carsey & the Awe deliver a funky, energetic show, seamlessly mixing a unique blend of Alternative Soul, R&B, and Trip Hop. Carsey’s Voice is, in a word, uninhibited, mixing a syrupy sweet sound with a beautiful darkness and a vocal range with a potential of virtuosity. Poetic lyrics accompanied by fluid melodies, engaging chords progressions, funky rhythms, and a voice filled with passion and soul.

    Visit Brenda Carsey's website

  • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Tom Gramlich

    Tom has enjoyed a long career as a musician and has worked with band members who have performed with the likes of Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Emmylou Harris, Buzzy Feiten, Don Heffington, Leon Hughes and The Coasters and many others. He has headlined at The Mint, Harvelles, and Ronnie Mack's Barndance. Tom is one of the original founders of "Grassroots Acoustica" in Los Angeles which has raised over $60,000 for local non-profits, and has been active in fundraising for "Heartbeats," an organization that serves children with physical challenges, as well as for Opica Adult Care and Counseling. Tom also currently runs a music therapy group at Passages Treatment Center in Malibu. He is a first-call multi instrumentalist in Los Angeles, playing mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars and other stringed instruments, and has been involved in countless recordings sessions and movie soundtracks.

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