Concert Lineup for August 7, 2016

Scheduled Acts

  • GRIT12:00 pm - 5:00 pm: GRIT

    A fiery branding iron conjuration of the sacred and profane firmly rooted in the punk mentality of Americana, Blues, and Folk. We've liked just about everything an' everyone at one time or another, Old-Timey music an' Punk Rock an' everything 'tween an' yonder an' Apocryphal, but special credit goes to God, Jesus, that pesky Devil feller, an' genuine rot-gut whiskey... couldn't do it without the rot-gut, no sir.

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  1. Gruven Tom says:

    Hey friends, we’ll be there too. But first, let me introduce you to the guys in the band. It’s late in 2009 when songwriter guitarist Tom Lamog met with longtime professional guitarist David Fry at a local jam. Together they would go on to form The fahr.west Sessions, performing their homegrown original tunes, along with popular country rock, and rock and roll songs at venues around Santa Clarita and the Los Angeles County area. Since then, they have been joined by veteran local musicians Arden Acord (fiddle/mandolin), Trout Davis (harmonica/dobro), Phil Sykes (bass guitar), and Mark Davis (drums/vocals). The band is currently performing material from their newest CD, “Live at Kulak’s Woodshed” which includes “It’s Not Magic, Just Hard Work”, the title song from Tom’s last CD that has been officially adopted by crab fisherman boat captain, Keith Colburn, from the popular TV show, Deadliest Catch for whom the song is written for. Over the last six years, the band has played at several notable venues and events including Kulak’s Woodshed, SCV-TV’s House Blend with Stephen K Peeples, the SCV Soroptomists’ Wine Affair, Vincenzo’s Pizza, It’s a Grind Coffeehouse, Butler’s Coffee, and the Big Oaks Lodge. We’ve also volunteered to play for such organizations as the American Cancer Society, the Circle of Hope, and Bridge to Home. For more information, visit the band’s music website, Facebook fan page, or contact Tom Lamog

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