Pack Station Concerts

 “Sunday Jamboree”

Listen to Tom Alfera’s ode to good times at Adams’ Pack Station…


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Music at the Pack Station

Part of our plan to make Chantry Flat a destination spot is to showcase local musicians. The mountain resorts of the “Great Hiking Era” often featured live music, and those of Big Santa Anita Canyon attracted visitors from throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Party goers would hike miles from the trailhead in Sierra Madre to fill the dance halls. We are reliving this tradition on the first Sunday of the Spring and Summer months, only without the miles of hiking.

Performances will be of the more intimate, acoustic variety; such as modern folk, singer/songwriter, cowboy, bluegrass etc. We will try to keep a large rotation of acts so that you might always hear something new. If you know how to play, bring up an instrument with the number of strings you like and we’ll make room for you. We will always have plenty of food being served, so take the extra eight minutes to drive up the road for lunch, entertainment and fresh air. If you plan to hike, come early and lunch afterward. We serve fresh burgers & fries, grilled hot dogs & hot links, panini sandwiches, and veggie burgers. Cold beer, soda pop and snacks are also available.

Some dates are still available for booking!

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