Chantry Road and Pack Station Store is Closed

“The U.S Forest Service has shut down the Chantry Flats Recreation Area due to the Federal Furlough. It will remain closed until further notice and the gates leading up to Chantry will remain locked.” ~City of Sierra Madre

I have discovered that there are various level of awareness concerning the news and what is happening federally, as well as locally. So, I thought I would inform and clear up a few things.

First, if you do not pay any attention to the news, the federal government has shut down over a dispute regarding the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare). Neither side is budging and so they are at a stalemate.

That has resulted in many or most government agencies shutting down. Staff have been furloughed from such agencies as the National Park Service, the National Forest Service, the Veterans’ Administration, etc.

That has resulted in shutting down any developed areas of the Angeles National Forest which includes Chantry Flat and Mt. Wilson. Any area or facility that is developed and requires any level of maintenance (whether actually done or not) has been closed. The hiking trails are open but you have to walk to get to them.

That has resulted in closing Adams’ Pack Station.  As a small business that employees staff that live off the meager wages they earn from us, this is devastating. It could go on for weeks.

Permittees (cabin owners) are allowed to enter through the Chantry Gate as they do not require maintenance of facilities. They are not to let the general public in so don’t ask ;-o))

If you want to hike up or bike up the road, you may do so. However, please be cognizant that there ARE cars on the road (that would the residents and cabin owners). Keep your dogs under control (I almost hit one coming up tonight). Bike and hike on the correct side of the road, not in the middle.  Basically, just act smart.

I will keep you posted via Facebook and here on our website,
Deb Burgess

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  1. Admin says:

    This today from Mike McIntyre, District Ranger:

    “…we have to wait for the formal word from the Washington FS office to call the employees back. I already prepositioned TP and trash bags with the fire crews to go out when the budget is signed to clean up the facilities. I hope we can open this weekend…”

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