Lila Adams Celebration of Life

DSC04231On April 12th, 2014 the family and friends of Lila Adams, co-proprietor of Adams’ Pack Station and caretaker of Big Santa Anita Canyon for over thirty years, gathered here at the pack station to celebrate her life (1919 – 2013).

Folks came from far and wide to remember together the woman who treated everyone with kindness and love. The celebration featured live music, good food, stories and reunions.

Lila’s family members planted a native Coast Live Oak in her honor, that she may live on at the place that she loved for decades to come.

Below are a few photos of shared memorabilia and videos of folks sharing stories about Lila…



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  1. Bob Bielek says:

    This was an really special experience participating in the celebration of Auntie Lila’s life. What a remarkable tribute to a woman that was larger than life and the soul of the canyon for so many. God rest you as you join Bill in the big canyon in the sky.

  2. Bob Bielek says:

    Oops…should say “so many years”.

  3. Jean Owens says:

    T hat was great. It makes me want to see more. Lila wasl truly a wonderful woman.

  4. Jorge says:

    Julie Vande Hei – Oh my goodness Ester, so bueutifal. What a bueutifal day with such a bueutifal family. Gracie & Lila are so sweet. I know Jenny & Tom will cherish these pictures forever!

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