Welcome to Chantry Flat, California

mule-logo-betterAdams’ Pack Station is located at Chantry Flat, the heart of Big Santa Anita Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California, and one of the most popular and historically-significant spots in the Angeles National Forest. Built in 1936, this is thought to be the last pack station of its kind in the United States.

So, what is a pack station? A pack station is the base of operations for one who transports freight via pack animals (this person is called an outfitter).

What we do at Adams’ Pack Station, and what makes us unique amongst other pack stations, is deliver supplies year-round to a permanent community that is only accessible by footpath. We are the life-blood of 81 antique recreational cabins plus Sturtevant Camp, which was established in 1893. The pack string and the old-fashioned crank phone system are their only link to the modern world. A visit to our beautiful canyon is like taking a step back in time.

Pack Station StoreWe have also operated a General Store on our front porch since 1953. Come for your Forest Service Adventure Passes, water, and trail mix before your hike; return for soft drinks and ice cream, or an ice cold beer, on the shady deck. Or just drive up for coffee and conversation – we’re only fifteen minutes from the “big city.”

The road to Chantry Flat is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. All the Chantry hiking trails and camp sites are open. You can buy your Adventure Pass (often called the “parking pass”) at the Pack Station on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When the Pack Station is closed, you are welcome to park in the Pack Station lot and put $5.00 in the Pack Station’s Honor Box. The Honor Box money goes to buy feed for the donkeys and the goats. They greatly appreciate your donations.